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    Not sure how to go about packing and moving? What packing materials should I buy? How many boxes will you need? How to sort everything? We will be happy to help.

    In the first step of the “packing” action, get cardboard boxes.

    Buy cardboard boxes – they are widely available, relatively cheap, have a high load capacity, and at the same time are light themselves.

    Invest in good quality cartons with min. 2-ply or corrugated cardboard – they are durable and reusable. Cheap cardboard can break during handling, which means stress, damaged items, extra expenses and, above all, extra time.

    Choose cartons closed from the top – you will protect your belongings from dust, renovation dust or getting wet; in addition, the upper lid allows the cartons to be stacked on top of each other, which saves space.

    Choose cartons with special cutouts for hands – they allow you to comfortably grip and carry the boxes.Good quality, durable cardboard boxes in various sizes can be found in our Top Box store.

    If you already know which cartons to choose, now think about how many you will need.

    You don’t have to calculate it yourself. It’s not that easy, especially when you’re moving for the first time in your life. It will be much more convenient to consult with our experts. They will tell you how many boxes to buy to pack your things.

    And if you want to calculate everything yourself, we have two useful calculators for you:

    to 1 box you will pack things that occupied 1 m2 in your room;

    1 person needs about 25-30 cartons to pack their things (this seems like a lot, but remember that we also take into account common use items, such as kitchen items).

    Stock up on wrapping paper, bubble wrap and packing tape

    Paper and foil will be useful for protecting delicate or small items or separating items belonging to different categories within one box. And the tape will be used to tightly close the cartons and strengthen the joints.

    Once you have the right number of boxes and the necessary accessories, you can start emptying the cabinets and putting things into the boxes.

    Pack items of the same category and belonging to the same room together – do not combine kitchen items with bathroom items or stationery items with tools. Keeping your packing organized will make it easier for you to unpack your things at your destination.

    Describe the boxes in detail and logically – give each box a category of place and type of items inside, e.g.



    – medical

    – banking

    – contracts

    This is especially important if you plan to use items placed in cardboard boxes during the move.

    Mark cardboard boxes with delicate items – preferably from every possible side, so that it cannot be overlooked. Also mark where the top and bottom of the box are.

    Remember not to overload the boxes.

    1 packed box should not weigh more than 10 kg.

    Such a weight will allow not only to lift boxes comfortably and safely for the spine, but also to stack them without the risk of crushing.

    If you have no way to control the weight of cardboard boxes, remember to put heavy items in small boxes and light items in larger ones. Then you will automatically avoid overcharging.

    Arrange things in boxes in the right way

    Put the heaviest and largest items at the bottom of the boxes, and the lighter and smaller ones at the top.

    The same principle applies to stacking loaded boxes (e.g. in a truck or on a self-storage rack) – the heaviest boxes at the bottom, the lightest ones at the top.

    If you need support in any matter regarding packing and transporting things, please contact Top Box staff. We know how stressful moving can be. That is why we want to provide you with practical advice and our many years of experience to make your move as smooth as possible and without those problems that can be easily avoided.

    This is what customers say about us

    Agnieszka K.

    After less than two hours since finding the Top Box and making the first contact, I got access to my storage unit. Boxes are clean and the whole building is modern. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Price for the new customers is unbeatable.

    Tomasz H.

    Great boxes in a very well maintained building. Staff is highly competent and helpful

    Daniel O.

    Clean, dry, wide range of storage sizes, packing materials and cartons are available, unlimited access to boxes at any time, plenty of parking and loading space. Friendly staff, easy access and contact via e-mail. I recommend it!

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